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West Sumbawa Real Estate - Current Listings


Beachfront Land for Sale at Yoyo’s, West Sumbawa!


Build your dream beach house or surf resort, 3 plots remaining:


·         Plot 2 – 10,000m2 (USD$15/m2)


·         Plot 3 – 7438m2 (USD$15/m2)


·         Plot 6 – 8968m2 (USD$20/m2)


Located in the bay of Sekongkang in the south of West Sumbawa, a pristine natural environment surrounded by national parks, that many say is like the Bali of 30 years ago.

Plots currently held by Australians with the purchase process undertaken by reputable Lawyers.




·         Yoyos – view directly into the tube from Plot 6

·         Short rides north to Super Suck, Scar Reef and Northern Rights

·         Tropicals Left & Right breaks just a few minutes south down the road

·         A range of surf breaks available along a much unexplored coastline

·         The wide bay is well suited for Kite surfing


Bonus Activities:


·         Beautiful snorkelling and diving in the many coves and reefs

·         Great Fishing from the beaches and headlands or by boat

·         Bike riding along paved roads or try the off-road trails (MTB&Moto-X)

·         Golfing, work only on your handicap at the idyllic Kaleang Golf Course

·         Hiking on captivating walks through the jungle to local Water falls


Please contact us to register your interest in securing these plots now!




Contact us now for further details or to list your property!


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