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About Us

Surfindo has been operating in West Sumbawa since 2007, providing comfortable and affordable surf camp accommodation and reliable transport options for surfers from all over the world travelling on a budget.

Based at Rantung Beach Hotel at Yoyo's, in the village of Sekongkang, Surfindo can source budget accommodation from Yoyo's to Supersuck and Scar Reef. Our transport links can connect with Bali and Lombok at least twice a day. We also have a range of motor vehicle rental options available to assist you in exploring this remote and rugged coast.

The town of the Maluk lays 15 minutes over the hill to the north, servicing the Batu Hijau gold and copper mining project in the region and giving the area a real frontier feeling, and here you can find ATM, internet cafe, supermarket, bars and more. On the road out of Maluk to Sekongkang you'll find the turn off to Supersuck. Further north from Maluk, is the road to Jelenga village and Scar Reef. The town of Taliwang is about an hour on the road north from Sekongkang and is the seat of the regional capital.

If not surfing or spearfishing, then the hinterland of West Sumbawa offers great exploring along winding coastal roads on a motor bike or four wheel driving and hunting in the rugged jungles, or just chill out on the expanses of idyllic tropical beaches or dream away in the hammock under palms.

If you are interested in property for sale in West Sumbawa, our services now also include Real Estate and Villa design and construction consulting services.

For all your enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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